Photography Book


The first in a series of "Empirical Evidence" books, The Presence of Absence features my work as a photographer of the rural South. The book's forward best explains the overall concept of this first volume. 

Looking is benign. Seeing has teeth and comes with consequences.
I see it, I own it. Sometimes it owns me. 

Photographs are proof — empirical evidence of what is, and what is not. Through the camera, I see absence in the presence of remains.

The 160-page book is available for purchase. Please contact me here for more information.

This body of work was featured on Maria Popova's Brain Pickings in April 2014 and 2016.  


The gallery below features a small handful of the roughly 75 photos included in the book.

See a few pages in the gallery below from the ideation and design process of the book.

the absence of a thing
makes you so much more aware of it.
— Wim Wenders, Places Strange and Quiet