Sometimes hope is a horizontal thing.



Born, raised and bent double as a hairpin in various versions of Small-Town Baptist USA, I am an educator, photographer and graphic designer. I spend my time thinking, making, and trying to give more than I take.



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– It is always open season on ideas. We should hunt them tirelessly.
– Curiosity is the currency of creativity.
– The problem is most often not the lack of a solution, but the lack of a solid idea.
– Vignelli was right about type.
– There is a sea of difference between looking and seeing.
– This New Year’s resolution by Woody Guthrie was the best ever:

Keep hoping machine running.

– left the road and drove miles across the desert because it was a rental car and it felt like we were in a movie.
– changed my major from architecture to graphic design because it dawned on me that as an architect I might make a mistake that could kill people. At 19/20ish, I was very impressionable and figured the worst I could do as a graphic designer would be to offend people. That was 35 years ago, and is still one of the best decisions ever.
– found Jesus when I was 9 and standing on the pole across the top of a swing set when lightning struck a tree in our yard.
– owned a design studio for many handfuls of years and had the most talented, fun, and kind business partner on the planet.
– jumped out of a plane and never once felt like I was falling.
– never dreamed I would teach graphic design. Now that I do, my students teach me so much every. single. day.

– relish each day that I am lucky enough to spend in the classroom working with the Graphic Design students at the South Carolina School of the Arts / Anderson University (SC). They have no idea how much they inspire me.
– continue to somehow live my life in reverse, and after a long and fun professional career now find myself having recently completed a graduate degree in Graphic Design at Savannah College of Art and Design.
– roam the deep South with camera firmly in tow, searching for spontaneous mayhem every chance I get.

56 :: July 20, 2018