Hacking Ed Fella

VIGNELLA: HACKING ED FELLA | A visual interpretation of the Ed Fella quote, "Hack like mad." 

The goal of this piece was to create a visual solution that adheres to the rigors of Massimo Vignelli’s Modernist sensibility, yet also delivers the ambiguity of Ed Fella’s Postmodernist approach to design. 

I hacked Ed Fella’s work by collecting appropriated imagery used in his work while a graduate student at Cranbrook, then re-reappropriated it by placing it into a layout which forces it to submit to the design and typographic rigors of the classic ‘Unigrid’ designed by Vignelli in 1977 for the National Parks Service. 

The concept of hacking Fella’s work into its antithesis proved to be an effective way to “hack like mad.”


Details of final solution and partial process notes below